Friday, October 3, 2008

TOP 5 Things I Want To Change


Hi everyone... this is not the usual thing I do when I blog. But somehow, I have decided to let you know the TOP 5 things I want to change in me! And I would be very happy not to bring these things on my day-to-day life!

  1. Temper! TEMPER!!! - there are so many pressures at work and it seems like it`s just to easy to get lost in it all and snap at people for no good reason.
  2. It`s My HAIR! - Duhhhh, My hair really sucks! For 24 years now, this is still the same style that I got! I wonder what it would be like once a total hair make-over is done?
  3. Procrastination. - I know it all too well, and in fact, I just don`t have time to sit down and deal with it. Or maybe I can, but just not right now... not at this time... not at this moment... maybe later on! I`m so used to putting things off and doing everything last-minute. But honestly, I really want to manage my time better.
  4. No More Nice 'I'. - The word 'NO' doesn`t make it to my daily conversations too often; as a result, almost everyone asks favors from me. I`m just too tired of allowing people to push me around and being used by most people has always peeved me. Sometimes, there is also a limit to being nice. Most of the time I end up pushing myself to the edge just to please someone or anyone, but when I`m in the need of assistance, no one`s there to help me. I`m just too tired of this fact
  5. My Body! - I just hate my figure! Of course I am thankful to God for giving me such being and such body, but I just don`t like me being fat. Plus the big muscles around me just add to my disgust! Duh! I really hate it. Is there any type of advance technology that can erase or lessen up the amount of muscles in a certain person`s body? If there is, then please let me know. I`ll try to win the lottery for that. Haha.
I`m wishing... dreaming... and hoping for a brand new 'I'. Or can I just order a brand new 'I'? Is there such thing? Haha!


edward said...

Good post here. Procrastination I think is the hardest way to change.
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Matiz (Winning The Lottery) said...

Its great to know that you are thinking the way I was thinking few days ago. Later I started to play lottery regularly, which have made all my dreams come true.

burns214 said...

hi there. i just read your blog. as promised, here's what i think. this will be a little awkward because we personally know each other. changing for the better is not an easy task but i know you'd be able to pull it through. one, i like the way you see things, professionally or's a good starting point. two, life has taught you great lessons and you use it to your advantage. lastly, you dream dreams which you know you'd be able to grasp. the only advice i'd give: accept your body the way it is. i am proud of my body, head to toe, and no criticism could ever change that...whoever says something bad about it would definitely earn peals of laughter from's the way it is. i don't argue with science but there is no better alternative than keeping what you have...but of course, it's just me. i hope i was able to help you a little bit. and one more thing, i hope our friendship lasts never...