Monday, October 6, 2008

Just Another Thought... [Can`t Say 'NO'?]

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Can`t say the word 'NO' without feeling guilty? Can`t say it because you`re afraid it may be not good to be said at all?

The next time that a certain somebody asks for your help and you absolutely cannot lend them a hand, I suggest that you don`t actually have to say 'NO', but you can simply postpone saying 'YES'. Of course, you need not make promises that you`re not sure you can keep, right? Unless you`re not man enough to understand integrity at all.

On the other hand, if you`re on the receiving end of that 'NO', then you must realize that it doesn`t necessarily mean your friend is being less of a friend just because he/she didn`t say yes to your request. It`s often said that a friend is always there available and ready to help when you need it, but come to think of it, there are also times that friends do have their own problem and most of the time, they try to manage it by their selves alone wihout you knowing it because they don`t want to add to your burdens...