Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Message: Happy 27th Birthday Miong21

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Nope! This is not another "My Featured Music Video" post. This is simply a tribute to a special friend who had been the biggest influence why I`m part of the blogosphere now. Wonder who he is? Then why not continue reading this post. Haha.

If you have read my post last Wednesday, September 24, then perhaps it might give you an idea of who this person is...

A fellow blogger, an influence, an online friend [as I claim us to be], and a mentor, these are what he is to me. But hey! he`s just really an online friend since we have not yet met personally... I`m just hoping that somehow we could, so I could thank him personally for everything, I mean for helping me decide to blog. As you may not know it [I`ve been like so redundant with this fact! lol], this person is the main reason why I am blogging now. And his two blogs are my inspirations.

His name is Dave Montero, but he`s better known as Miong [miong21] in the bloggers world or the blogosphere. And he just turn 27 today! Yes, today! This day is his day! It`s Miong`s Day!

Dave, Happy Birthday! I`m glad that everything`s going fine with you. And happy that your relationship with your special somebody is going stronger. I just wanted to wish you all the happiness in life. You certainly deserve it.

On this day, there are lot of people who are thinking of you. And of course I am one of them. Now that you`re a year older and a bit of a grump, I`m just hoping that you`ll not change. Just stay as the same as what you have always been since before, but be more wiser okay? Continue to share your life to others, since you`re special.

Lastly, in this world, where everything seems uncertain, only one thing is definite. You'll always be a friend, beyond words, beyond time and beyond distance.

Looking forward to many more years of friendship. Even if it`s just online. Haha.

Happy Birthday again. Enjoy your own holiday! God Bless!


Miong21 said...

Thanks for the tribute! Wow! Hehe! :Þ