Sunday, September 7, 2008

Best Friends Corner: My Message For My Bestfriends...


My Dearest Bestfriends,

Hi guys! Hope you`re all doing fine and better wherever you are right now. I just want you guys to know how important you are to me. You`re really the best! Thank you for being more than just a true friend, and for being my family as well. Thank you for all your help... for always listening to me... for always understanding me... for always making me feel that I`m really not alone... for always being there for me when I needed you the most... for keeping your support and always believing in me no matter what other people say and no matter how the world tries to pull me down... and for everything. Thank you so much guys! Hope you`ll continue to do that even when we`re already old. And I promise the same thing, promise! I really miss spending time and doing stuffs with you guys. Although we`re getting old for an idea of playing games and having fun, I just wish we can continue to share the special bond we have. Never be afraid to share your problems with me. As what I keep on telling you, I will always be here for all of you no matter what happens. And I will never fail to do that, promise... I love you guys! and I miss you all. Hope we`ll be together again soon. Again, thanks for everything!

Note: The image above shows only two of my bestfriends [Leah & Hilda] and taken last Jan 4, 2008 during my Christmas vacation in Zamboanga City [Hometown]. Lucresia happens to be in Hong Kong during that time, that`s why she`s not with us.


daynah said...

hope we could be good friends too. i'll surely be the best ever friend you will have. naks!

atenean101 said...

Sure why not. I would surely appreciate it if we could be friends. Just contact me anytime you want Daynah. Hehe. Take care!