Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Featured Music Video: "WE COULD BE IN LOVE" performed by LEA SALONGA & BRAD KANE

[video taken from YouTube.]

It`s time again for another "My Featured Music Video". And today, I would like to share this music video of "WE COULD BE IN LOVE" which happens to be my ultimate favorite song of Lea Salonga who happens to be one of my favorite Filipino singers. Ooops, she`s now Lea Salonga-Chien.

"WE COULD BE IN LOVE" is a duet by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane who are the same persons behind the song "A WHOLE NEW WORLD" of the Disney movie "ALADDIN".

Whenever I hear this song, it always brings back old memories - my childhood memories should I say. As far as I can remember, I first heard this song during my elementary years... guess I was Grade 3 then, so just imagine how young I am those days but I can already relate to the song, lol. This is actually my song for my dear beloved friend Troy Amiel Araneta, who happens to be my classmate when I was in Grade 3 and Grade 4 at Tomas Sagon Elementary School, Pagadian City [I just don`t know if this school is still in existence]. Unfortunately we lost our communication when my family decided to transfer and live in Zamboanga City, so until this time I still don`t have any news about him. I`ve been like searching for him for how many years now, but it seems like I`m too unlucky with my search... But still I am not closing my doors to possibilities, and I could say that I am still positive that one day we`ll meet again. Who knows maybe this blog or this post might help me with my search [crossing my fingers, haha]. There are so many things that remind me of him, but the ultimate one is this song, because I actually dedicated this song to him.

With regards to the music video, I`d say that I really don`t like it that much. Maybe from the scale of 1-10 and 10 being the highest, I`ll give it 6.5. Lea was good, Brad was good and the song is really good, it`s just that the music video is most likely just a concept of a certain amateur director. The concept of the video doesn`t really fit the concept of the song. I have nothing against the video or against the director of the video, but maybe it just so happen that they only have limited resources that time... Just imagine how old the video is, and multimedia during those days was not that advanced as what we have right now. Anyway, still I like it coz if I don`t then surely I wouldn`t be featuring the music video at all.

So just enjoy the song...

Note: I personally would like to dedicate this post to a fellow blogger Dave Montero a.k.a miong21 who will be celebrating his birthday on the 30th of this Month. He may not know it, but he`s one of the reasons why I started blogging. Miong, I know how you liked Lea Salonga that much, that`s why I decided to feature my ultimate Leah Salonga`s song just for you. Anyway, Happy Birthday in advance and I wish you good health and contentment in your personal life. I also hope that you`ll have many more birthdays to come... Hope you`ll continue blogging! Thanks again.


vj_billie3k said...

luv ms lea salonga forever! nice vid. tnxz.

Miong21 said...

Now this is really surprising! Thanks for the post! I wasn't expecting this. And thanks for the birthday greetings! Wow!

Exceptional said...

Nice song from lea... I have to disagree with your review. 'D music video 4 me is very good. Truly it brings back old memories.

atenean101 said...

Thanks guys for visiting my blog and for reading this post. We`ll I`m glad you decided to leave a comment. Hehe.

to vj_billie3k - glad you luv lea, the way that i luv her too... she`s phenomenal isn`t she?

to Exceptional - thanks. I apologize for my review, but then again everybody is entitled for our own opinions, right? So I have to respect yours.

to Miong21 - Haha, thanks you visited my blog. Surprising? hehe, it`s not meant to be a suprise though... but I`m glad your happy. Continue to be as nice as you are, and keep up the good work! Happy Birthday once again!