Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why insearch4you?

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You might be wondering until now why my blogsite`s URL is

Why insearch4you when there are still a lot of names or words to choose from, or why not just use atenean101 instead?

You may not know it, but aside from the usual atenean101 being my username and of what most internet people and friends know me for, I`m also known as insearch4you or insearch4u in several sites I have joined and entered [may it be a personal site or just the usual one].

The name insearch4you came across my mind almost two years ago during the time when I almost consider myself alone and helpless and the time when almost everybody around seem to abandon me... I have been known to be a fighter, a well spirited person and an optimistic one, but at that certain point of my life I could say that I almost wanted to give up. At that time, I am like searching for something or for someone or somebody who shall guide me and who shall walk beside me and enlighten my way through the darkness...

Now the question is... why insearch4you and why not atenean101? if you may notice is my very first personal blogsite which accounts all the things that interest and concerns me in the past, in the present and in the future. I have personally published and established it myself [with the help of blogspot and other sponsor sites of course] for the following reasons: • I want the world to know that I exist and continue to exist. • I want to establish huge network of friends. • I want to show the world the wonders of living. • I want to somehow walk beside others who seek for the light [like what I have been through before], or be their inspiration. • Or simply to exchange relevant issues, topics, experiences and stories. • And to share the wisdom I have learned from my continuous search.

Now, since this is my very first personal site, I chose insearch4you rather than atenean101. The word[s] just mean a lot to me. It means a lot of things that I`ve been through and that I`m going to go through in my life. As for my own perspective [as what I have been through], our life is a continuous search... for something... for someone or somebody... for the LIGHT.... or even for our own selves. You may actually say that I am in search for someone special, that I am in search for love, that I am in search for friends, or that I am in search for GOD... or even for myself. Fact is it`s all true as I believe that we continue to live each day searching for so many things that life has to offer. And day by day we continue to account what we have searched for, for this and that particular day.

Life is really the most impossible thing we can really have in this world... and making it possible for us to have, is a challenge and a search we have to face everyday.