Sunday, September 14, 2008

Open Letter To "You Know Who You Are"

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To Whom This May Concern:

There are really people around who cant abide by the rules! Despite of all constant reminders & warnings, they keep on doing things which are not suppose to be done!

But first of all, before I go further and before I tell you what I really don`t want to tell you but still I am telling you, allow me first to give you an idea about the true and definite meaning of the word "RULE".

According to all dictionaries and some other related or relevant references I`ve read, Rule[s] are authoritative statement[s] which establishes a standard or principle of what to do or not to do in a certain specific situation, issued by an appropriate person or body that will serve as a norm for guiding or mandating action or conduct. Depending on situations and on the use of rule[s], it may be divided into four general categories:
  • Folklore: These are unpublished rules that are conveyed by behavior and are implicitly understood.
  • Guidelines: These are commonly published and recommended practices that allow some discretion with their interpretation and use.
  • Mandates: These are published commands that may not be ignored in any circumstance and whose violation is punishable.
  • Policies: These are published rules that imply a predicted behavior and whose violation may be permitted or tolerated under certain circumstances.
Among the above four categories mentioned, establishments like government, corporate, businesses, offices and schools usually executes or implement the legal use of the last two categories [Mandates & Policies] especially on running their working environment; management and employees. Thus, obedience is highly advised and should be properly recognized or else one will be subject to immediate and reasonable imposition of legal action or sanction prior to the violation [e.g. an employee could be suspended or worst be fired for any reason of violation of a certain imposed rule].

I don`t know what`s on your mind and I don`t even care about it at all, but I`m just curious. So I just want to ask you, why in the hell do you think rules are set and imposed? Why do you think it is necessary? Do you have any idea of what`s going to happen once there is no such rule[s]?

Now this is what I want to tell you. I am not a person who normally holds grudges for I am certain that it wouldn`t do any good to me at all but I shall not let this occurences come to past especially that you have done this several times already not just to me, but to us. I know you`re old and intelligent enough to be told but because you`re not wiser enough to understand your actions and because you`re not mature enough to properly learn the meaning of respect, then still I am telling you what I want to tell you. The world owes you nothing and it will never do you any good to seek some false sense of satisfaction or pleasure perhaps from doing crazy things, and worst from doing what is not suppose to be done. I suggest that you seek some professional help, or I could even recommend you to some of the best psychiatrist in town... I mean, you need it! You know and I know that we`re responsible for our own actions, but what I just can`t understand [even if how hard I try to do it] is why you have to be so selfish over everybody, worst to your ownself... Come to think of it, it`s not yet late for a change.

It`s really so sad and disappointing to learn and realize that there are still people like you in this world who seem to be blessed yet useless... intelligent yet ignorant... worst, lucky yet selfish and unworthy!
Yes it`s YOU! You know who you are and please don`t pretend that you don`t. Yes, it`s really YOU!