Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just Another Thought... [Think Before You Speak]

What you say and how you say it decribe the real person you are. These two will surely make a big difference on how other people may respond to you. Your words can take you places or worst, it can even come back and haunt you when you least expect it. --- atenean101


`twas the usual Friday night and we`re on our break. `twas the usual Friday night but what made it differ from the other Friday nights I had was the fact that `twas raining and I was hurt and humiliated by a certain colleague, perhaps by not knowing he had really hurt me bad.

On our lunch break [yes dear, `twas called lunch break even if it`s at night time since most of us if not all call center agents here in the Philippines normally works at night following the standard US working hours], we used to eat at our company pantry which happens to be a block away from our building. No choice but to go there since it`s a free meal afterall - one of our benefits should I say, unless you`re not hungry at all or unless you`re rich enough to buy expensive meals to a nearby canteen just beside the company building.

`twas the usual Friday night but `twas raining. So instead of the usual routine, one of our teamleaders decided and requested that the food be delivered to our building since we`re running out of time [can`t wait for the rain to stop, haller!]...

I and one of my closest officemates then managed to went upstairs and use our free time browsing the net while waiting for the food to be delivered and served... I even told a certain colleague to 'txt' [sms messaging system through mobile phones my dear] us when the food is ready...

Just after 5 minutes I received a 'txt' saying that the food was already downstairs. So we hurriedly went down to serve ourselves and to nurture our empty stomachs but only for me to realized that I have just wasted my time waiting for a food that I can`t really eat at all. It turns out that I hurriedly went downstairs just to be upset and totally disappointed, and worst be humiliated!

Why? Well you may not know it, but it`s been a month now that I have been eating just once a day [I`m just too desperate to lose weight you know, lol] and the only time I eat is during lunch break, so just imagine how starved I am that time... and I can`t even think of any other things that time but to eat.

So what about the food? Everybody in the office knew that I don`t eat pork. It`s one of the forbidden foods for me. Do I need to elaborate? Well I prefer not to, since I know they will surely understand it already. As what I have mentioned, everybody in the office is aware that pork is a big NO to me, and even those working in the company pantry knew it. Now how come they did forget? Especially at that time where I`m left with no option but to wait for the rain to stop or to run under the rain just to get my food or to wait for another 15 minutes for a certain pantry assistant to get my food?

What disappointed and humiliated me the most was when a certain colleague suggested me to run through the rain and get my own food! Haller, Are you nuts? Didn`t you know what time was it dear? Did it not come to your mind, that I already wasted half of my lunch break waiting for the food? And didn`t you even realize, that if we`re not only told that our food would be brought at the office, I wouldn`t be wasting my precious time just waiting?

God knows how starved I am that time, and God also knows how you have disappointed and humiliated me. You may not be aware of it, but yes you really did! Maybe you`re not really thinking of what you`re saying... maybe you`re just really out of your mind... or worst, maybe you`re just really born to be so damn stupid! Dear, your suggestion was not really necessary and was not even solicited at all. Fact is, I don`t need your damn suggestion, I don`t need your opinion and I don`t need any of your comments! So if you can think of anything you`d say, and if you can`t say anything other than damn stupid things, then please it would be best for you to just SHUT UP! Unless I asked for it, then that`s the only time you tell me what`s on your mind... is that clear, or should I say, is that UNDERSTOOD?


Just another thought...

One could really hurt someone unknowingly with the words he/she say or the way he/she may say it. Like what most people say, 'once the words leave your mouth, it`s already impossible for you to take them back.' It doesn`t matter at all if how unintentionally the words was said or maybe said. Truly, word[s] can sometimes cut a lot deeper than a sword. And very often we hear people say, "I didn`t mean to hurt your feelings," but if one person really didn`t want to hurt other`s feelings then why couldn`t they be thoughtful enough before they let the unpleasant words escape from their mouth.

I certainly don`t take issue with someone and with the way they try to respond to what I thought of, but it`s just really ironic but true that we are often good to give comments and opinion about a certain issue when it`s not really needed at all, but comes the time when we are asked for it we can`t even say anything at all.

So at the end, it`s best for me to say... Think before you speak!


Desperado said...

you look nice in the pic. mind to exchange #s?

atenean101 said...

Waaaa... thanks! **BLUSHING** Haha. Exchange #s? Hmmmm, lemme think... Hehe. Sure why not. I`ll be glad to have more friends. Just gimme your # first and I`ll give you mine. You may also send it through those contact info I`ve posted above my block. Hehe. Thanks again. **BLUSHING**