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I was about to post this the other day but unfortunately I wasn`t able to do so, since I`ve been so busy at work and a bit unwell for the past few days. And also for the reason that I want this post to be perfectly written for the benefit of Charice Pempengco`s continuously growing numbers of fans who happens to be from different sides of the world.

But first of all, I would like to thank falsevoice for these wonderful videos I am featuring here for my article. Fact is, there are so many YouTube Videos about this September 15, 2008 duet performance of Celine Dion and Charice Pempengco, but I personally chose falsevoice`s videos for I am certain that these are all quality videos and for the very fact that I commend him[her] for everything, and for being one of the instruments of Charice`s stardom.

To falsevoice, I know and I`m pretty sure that you`re happy right now seeing where Charice is...


If you have read the previous article I`ve written and posted here about Charice, "CHARICE PEMPENGCO on OPRAH! [The 2nd Time Around]", then you`ll surely know about this invitation from one of the world`s best music icon Celine Dion.

Last September 9, 2008, Charice was invited for the second time by Oprah herself to be her guest on her show [Not to mention that her whole show for that certain episode was actually dedicated to Charice]. At the end of the show, Oprah granted one of the young Filipina singer`s wish which is to meet [or even sing] with one of her idols in the international music industry, Celine Dion.

Charice was really surprised and happy about it. And to cut it short, she was eventually invited by Celine to be the latter`s special guest, to sing a duet with her on her concert on September 15, 2008 at the Madison Square Garden [the world`s most famous arena].


Just like other local singers [or even those who are aspiring to be a singer] of various countries around the globe especially here in the Philippines, Charice is fascinated and truly inspired with Celine Dion and her music, and she even considered herself an avid fan of the latter. Being known internationally and having that great and amazing voice are some of the reasons why Charice idolizes Celine. And of course, it`s just normal to say that as an avid fan she dreamt of meeting her idol personally and even performing or singing a duet with her. Anyway it`s just a dream, so one could even make things as huge as one wants to see it, right?

But dreams do come true... I mean there are really dreams that becomes reality. And count Charice` dream as one.


... Just last September 09, 2008, a fan was invited by her idol to perform with her. And comes September 15, 2008 when a fan`s dream came to reality...

CELINE DION introducing CHARICE to the crowd on her "TAKING CHANCES WORLD TOUR CONCERT" at the Madison Square Garden on September 15, 2008 [video is taken from falsevoice channel at YouTube]

a duet performance at the Madison Square Garden last September 15, 2008 of CHARICE PEMPENGCO and CELINE DION singing one of Celine`s hit singles "BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME" which is actually dedicated to Charice`s mom [video is taken from falsevoice channel at YouTube]

Charice again proved last September 15, 2008 at the Madison Square Garden that dreams do come true after she had performed a duet with one of her favorite international music icon, Celine Dion.

Dubbed as "Taking Chances World Tour" - a concert of Celine Dion, Celine performed one of her hit singles "Because You Love Me" with our very own Charice Pempengco, and eventually dedicating the song to Charice`s mom - Raquel Pempengco - who according to Charice is her strength.

In the concert, while Celine was singing "Because You Love Me" she managed to stop after several lines and eventually explaining to the crowd why she did that. Then Celine starts by telling the crowd about Charice and Charice Family`s life story. After her lovely introduction of Charice, she immediately invited the young Filipina singer to come up on stage and join her. Then Celine did a bit chat with Charice... and they continue singing the song together.

At the end, the crowd was in awe by their performance. The crowd roared and praised both Celine and Charice and it`s another standing ovation for Charice.

Kudos Charice! You made us all proud again. Truly you`re one of Filipinos pride... Keep it up!

Note: This is not one of Charice Pempengco`s Fansite... This happens to be my very own personal blogsite which accounts all the things that interest and concerns me. But as one of Charice`s fan, I`m posting an article here about her as a contribution to the world for the benefit of other fans and also for the benefit of other people who wants to know more about Charice. So I hope you like it guys. Thanks... --- atenean101