Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Broken Phone [Oh How I Miss You]

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`twas just last year when I met you,
And `twas just last year when we became friends.
You may not know how important you are
but God knows you`re one thing I can`t live without.

You`ve helped me in so many ways
Impossible becomes possible with you.
Thought everything`s a sky
Thought everything`s just all a dream
Then you came and changed everything
And proved me nothing`s impossible.
For that I`m thankful I have you
And lucky that we have met.

But in a glance you`ve changed
And in a glance you`ve left.
You didn`t even warn me
It`s as if we`re not friends.
I`m used to live with you
Now without you is like a mess.

Who`s gonna wake me up
When it`s only you who`s my alarm.
Who`s gonna capture my moments
When it`s only you who`s my best shot.
Who`s gonna be my messenger
When it`s only you who knew my friends.
Who`s gonna tell me I`m better
When it`s only you who keep remindin` me.
Who`s gonna cheer me up
When it`s only you who`s my clown.
Who`s gonna tell me I can make it
When it`s only you who`s my strength.
And above all...
Who`s gonna ease my pains
When it`s only you who know me well.

Now what`s left are just your memories.
Now it`s only me alone and lonely.
I know I`ve failed you once
But why have you failed me twice?

But I`m still positive you`re coming back
I`m still positive you`ll surprise me once again.
You`re a good friend I`ve ever have
And letting go is something just unimaginable.

Hope to see you once again
For it`s only you who brigthens up my day.
Hope to hear you once again
For it`s only your melodies that keep me alive each day.
And hope to touch you once again
For you`re so untouchable!

I miss you my friend...
And there`s no one who can change you in my heart...
Please come back to me soon.

Note: I`m not a poet myself... I`m just one of those trying hard out there, haha. But I really love my phone, and it`s so hard to accept that it`s broken now and that I can no longer use it. I`m planning to buy a new one, but I don`t think a new one would surely be a good as my phone is. I`m so sad...


Fransiska Ike said...

=O So, What cellphone are you using now?