Friday, September 12, 2008

My Featured Music Video: "WHENEVER YOU CALL" performed by MARIAH CAREY feat. BRIAN MCKNIGHT

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[ video is taken from YouTube. ]

"WHENEVER YOU CALL" is one of my favorite Mariah Carey`s single. This song is actually written and produced by Mariah Carey herself together with Walter Afanasieff for her seventh album entitled "BUTTERFLY". Accordingly, this ballad talks about how love is a strong force, that giving up to it is inevitable. It was released as BUTTERFLY's sixth and final single in late 1998. Unfortunately, at the time of its release, SONY [Mariah Carey`s record label at that time] requested that the song be issued only as promotional single which only means that the song be issued or made available only for the use of professional disc jockeys and not for sale to public. But despite the lack of heavy promotions, "WHENEVER YOU CALL" still hit and reached the top charts.

In the music video above, Mariah Carey performed "WHENEVER YOU CALL" live with Brian McKnight who is also known for his gift in singing and songwriting, and for being the only black male R&B singer who have a spot on the Hip Hop, Pop, Country and R&B charts at the same time. Being a keen critic when it comes to music, I personally want to emphasize that this live music video is not lipsynced [not like what others used to assume and claim it to be] but a result of great performance by two of world`s great voices and performers. They`re just simply amazing, and that`s exactly the reason why some people couldn`t even believe that it`s performed live and that it`s really not lipsynced at all. In addition, I also wanted to clarify that this happens to be a live performance but then of course there could have been some studio modifications [example is the edited live reactions from the audiences like their claps or applauses in other posted videos of the same on YouTube] for it to sound so normal yet brilliant just like what a studio recording sounded like. But just incase the performance was lipsynced like what others used to believed in, then still, I have to salute Mariah Carey & Brian McKnight for they have performed it well for me not to notice it at all.

Anyway, the issue here is not that if it`s really lipsynced or not, or if it`s really performed live or not... but the music itself and the rendition or of how they`ve given the music its` life. Still it`s a great Duet and a great performance from two of the world`s great voices.