Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Featured Music Video: "WHEREVER YOU ARE" performed by SOUTH BORDER

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[video taken from YouTube.]

I`m featuring another Filipino artist for "My Featured Music Video" post this time. And since I normally feature a music video of a solo artist or a duet, now I have just decided then to feature a musical group which is most commonly known as "band"... specifically or particularly a "pop/rock band".

'Pop or Rock Bands' have long been a part of the music industry. Normally it includes a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a keyboardist and one or more singer who may or may not be instrumentalists themselves. Their music are generally marked by a consistent and noticeable rhythmic element, mainstream style and traditional structure.

Today, it has been a fact that 'pop bands' have continuously growing in numbers in almost all parts of the world. But despite of this, still there are just few bands which continue to influence me in my life especially with my interest in music. And SOUTH BORDER is just one of them, and that`s the main reason why I chose to feature them for my very first 'pop band' post of "My Featured Music Video"

SOUTH BORDER is actually a Filipino Pop and R&B band formed in the `90s who gained their most recognitions in the music industry especially here in the Philippines in the 2000s. With Jay Durias being the lead and creative genius of the group, they`re just one of the few bands who has nevertheless retained their unique sound and musical sensibility and have even moved up along the latest global trends in music, thus retaining their top spot in their particular music genre.

The music video above is entitled "WHEREVER YOU ARE" performed by no other than SOUTH BORDER themselves! This is actually one of my favorites among their singles, plus the very fact that the music video is awesome and so meaningful... I mean, just by merely watching the video alone you`ll surely understand the meaning of the song. Honestly speaking, the song really hit me! But I`d rather not elaborate, haha.

`twas just so sad to learn that for the nth time, another breakup happened to the group. For those of you who may not know it, `twas actually just last year when Vince and Duncan who happen to be my favorite vocalists of the group [aside from Jay Durias of course], left the band for good... but I can`t blame them. Like what Jay had mentioned on his message people grow and learn a lot of new things and at that point, Duncan and Vince have decided to move on and pursue their career to greater lengths and take a different route. And just like what we always say, "Life comes with a lot of surprises". I just hope that I could still see them singing together even just once in a while. Because as a fan, I will surely miss them.

Anyhow, just enjoy this music video... since they`re still together on this video.