Sunday, September 14, 2008

CHARICE PEMPENGCO on OPRAH! [The 2nd Time Around]

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Have you heard the news? Have you heard what`s one of the latest and hottest news in the Philippines? Well, just incase you still don`t know [since maybe you`re not so concern enough or you`re just too busy to check for the latest news and update] then let me tell you. CHARICE PEMPENGCO RETURNS TO OPRAH! And guess what? SHE`s SINGING WITH CELINE DION!

For the nth time around, Philippine singing sensation Charice Pempengco made us all Filipino proud. And for the second time around, she was invited by Oprah to her show by special request of Oprah herself, not to mention that Oprah`s whole episode last September 9, 2008 was especially dedicated to the young Filipino singer. Amazing isn`t it? What is more surprising is the fact that at the end of the show, Oprah granted Charice`s wish which is to meet and sing with one of her favorite music icon and idol, Celine Dion.

Though it was only through satellite feed, but the fact remains that Charice was able to interact with Celine live. Charice even cried, jumped and was really surprised when Celine`s face filled the big screen and when the latter greeted her. Oprah, who knew about the surprise beforehand [since obviously it`s her surprise for Charice], still shed a tear in seeing the joy in Charice`s face.

Here`s the flow of Celine Dion`s message to Charice:

"Hi Charice. Hi sweetheart. I have to tell you that I`m speechless... to start with, and it`s not a good way to start. I have heard you sing. I have seen some or a little of your story and I am extremely ecstatic like the rest of the world who`s watching right now. I can tell you that we have lots of things in common.. And I also had a mother, and still have a mother, who is my strength. My passion I carry in my heart and so my beauty - and David Foster, you cannot even think about finding somebody even better than that to bring the best out of you. You have more talent than most people. You can sing, you can speak and sing with your heart, you can play guitar, you can draw... and you can have dreams because your life story is quite a painful one. Thank God your strength comes from your mother and your heart will go on and I am pretty sure of that... I`m going to be singing at Madison Square Garden. And if I may... I would love to... I would love to propose something, I would love to do something very special with you. Next week, I`m gonna be singing at Madison Square Garden and I would love to ask you to come and sing a duet with me... And we can sing together, maybe we can sing "Because You Love Me", and maybe we can dedicate this song to your mother. So I hope you can travel and come to New York and meet with me."

Charice was so speechless on hearing the things that Celine had said. Still crying and speechless, Charice could only gesture a bow to thank her... and in the end, Charice could only utter, "Thank you."

I advice you to search and browse the web for more detailed info, story, videos and feeds about this. Also, please check Charice` rendition of Celine`s "My Heart Will Go On" with David Foster, on this Oprah`s episode. It`s very brilliant! She made the song sound like her very own.

••• Charice, we`re proud of you! --- atenean101