Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Featured Music Video: "ONE LAST CRY" performed by BRIAN MCKNIGHT

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[ video take from YouTube. ]

It`s time for another "My Featured Music Video"!

Today I am feauturing Brian McKnight`s "ONE LAST CRY". The music video is quite old though, since I believe it was done and released during the 90`s era [I`m just not so sure about it] and as you can see Brian was still young then. I can`t even remember how old I am or what year is it when I first saw this music video, but nevertheless it`s cute and awe-inspiring.

ONE LAST CRY is such a painful song which would make you feel that letting go seem to be the very painful decision you could ever think of, yet you have left no other choice but to do it in order to walk out from an illusion for it`s the only way to save yourself from further loom and perdition. And somehow, it woul make you also feel that you are just nothing but a person that they could just simply take advantage of... someone they need but never loved, never cared. For people who have been in such situation, I certainly believe that this song would surely remind you of your heartache and pain.

It`s one of Brian McKnight`s solo breakout hits which was released somewhere on 1993 and included in his debut album entitled "BRIAN MCKNIGHT" under Mercury records and also included in "FROM THERE TO HERE: 1989-2002" that happens to be a compilation of Brian`s hit singles from 1989-2002.

"ONE LAST CRY" is truly one of the saddest songs Brian had ever recorded. For those who can relate [just like me, haha], you`ll surely agree.