Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yes, It`s BLUE versus GREEN again!

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Yeppeeeee! It`s Blue Eagle [Ateneo] versus Green Archer [La Salle] once again, and I am just really so excited.

After beating their respective opponents in the semifinals last Sunday, Blue and Green is about to meet and compete again with each other for the UAAP Championship Title for Season 71 starting September 21, 2008 and it will be a three-game final series. Well, the archrivals will face off again for the fourth time in what could be another championship series to remember [I just hope you can relate with what I mean]. It`s really another event to look forward to, and again I`m just really so excited.

The most heated rivalry that have marked the history of University Athletic Association of the Philippines - Men`s Basketball, will come alive again. What else could I say? Haha. Remember what always happen when this two teams meet? Yes, you`re right. It will surely be one big event to mark the Philippine basketball history for the nth time.

Bitter rivals? Yes, that`s what they always said. But it`s one thing that just adds and spices up UAAP Finals. Since for many, UAAP finals should be Ateneo and La Salle as this rivalry brings more excitement to the Basketball End Season.

Just to recall, Ateneo and La Salle first faced each other in the UAAP finals in 1988 wherein the Eagles emerged victorious. Then 2001 came and it was Archer`s turn to own the title. Just after a year, the two rivals face-off again and the Eagles reowned what was stolen from them by the Archers. And then in 2007 the bitter rivals clashed once more and by this time the Archers made it sure that at the end it will be them who would claim the title.

Now it`s 2008. And it`s Blue and Green again! So please count out other colors for this will surely be just a battle between Blue and Green, okay? So Blue eagles out there, what are you waiting for? It`s about time to cheer again for our fellow ateneans! Raise your blue flags and shout out loud! Animo Animo Agila! Animo Animo Agila! Animo Animo Agila!

Blue Eagles let`s give them ONE BIG FIGHT! Cheers to all Blue Eagles! Cheers to all ateneans!