Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cloud-9 & the Bracelet


Just last Monday [September 22, 2008], a certain special friend gave me this special bracelet as a symbol of our special friendship. And for obvious reason, I called this bracelet "Cloud-9`s Bracelet".

`twas really Cloud-9 when I have received this. And `twas certainly the most wonderful feeling in the world. Knowing the fact that it`s from a special person just adds up to this euphoria.

This will surely be worn wherever I go...

This bracelet will signify one of the most important things that had happen to me and to my life... that once in my life, someone came and made me feel I am important.

Forever this will be treasured and forever you will always be remembered... for I am certain that you`re one part of my life that will surely remains inside my heart whatever happens, even if this bliss comes to its end.

It`s hard to expect that this special friendship and bond we have right at this moment will surely last forever, but I`m still hoping that it will... but I won`t be expecting anything. I`ll just treasure everything that we have right now, and will do everything to make things happen for us... since having you as a special friend is already something that I never expected to happen.

Thank you for the bracelet... and thank you I`ve reached Cloud-9!


Exceptional said...

lucky are you! wonder who that person is...

atenean101 said...

Thanks! I believe I really am... Haha. But I won`t tell you who he is. Scared that you might hunt him. Wahaha! Peace!