Monday, September 8, 2008

Be Your Own Designer [with the help of useful resources online]


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Wanna design a blog or a webpage of your own?

Working on a tight budget plus lack of time, you often find yourself doing things on your own. And then you realize, you become a website/blog designer at your own right (even if it`s a fact that you have not enrolled to any computer or IT class at all). Try to add and consider these simple but helpful tips from me and let`s try to imagine ourselves as a pro (lol).

  • PURPOSE. Before you actually start doing things, consider first the main focus or theme of the blog/website that you want to create; how you intend to use it for yourself and for others, or vice-versa. It is for your own interest? It is for relaxing? Do you want it to be your home or official page? Or you want it to be a meeting place for you and your friends? Or simply, you just want to express yourself. Whatever your focal purpose is, always make it clear to youself beforehand.
  • BASICS. Make sure that you decide first on the spaces that you should allocate for your basic needs in the page. Anyway, there`s no such limit in setting different things on your page, just be very sure and particular with your webpage content.
  • STORAGE. More importantly, decide how much storage place you need, especially with files or posts that is very vital to your page. Like what a certain person said, function should come first before aesthetics.
  • DESIGNING. Tweaking would come next. Items that you plan to use in designing your page need not be too sophisticated and extravagant. Remember always that being simple is still the best thing a certain person could appreciate. Like what Leonardo Da Vinci once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". And also, you could always grab the stuff that you have and let your imagination fashion an original art work.
  • RESOURCES. Always use the search engine for useful resources. There are several resources to choose from, using search engines. Just make sure to key in the word "free" whenever you search for tools and resources you wanted to apply in your page.

Your personal space is an expression of you. What you do with it somehow creates an impression of the kind of person you are. Your page may be too simple, but it should not discourage you. After all, it`s not the design of your page that counts but it`s quality. Take it from me!

Note: Just wanna share what I have learned from my own self with the help of useful resources online, of course. Haha. Believe me, it works!


julia said...

thanks for the tips. jaz cant imagine that ur jaz starting coz of too many applications u have on ur blog. hope u will post some of ur resources links, though. thx.

atenean101 said...

Haha. Well it`s quite easy. I`ve just searched the net and some webs for some important resources, plus the fact that blogspot already offers so many better and useful tools and links.

Mariz said...

thanks for the tips...

have awarded you friend with something nice...check here:

atenean101 said...

Hi sis! Thanks... I have just read your comment here. Been to your site 30mins ago and was really surprised to have read the post. I never expected it. Haha. Thank you so much. Keep it up sis. God Bless!