Monday, September 15, 2008

Have You Met Your Dreams?

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I have been thinking earlier until now about the message I`ve received from a certain friend. Nothing really is special with the message, just the same usual message I have been receiving from my friends lately, asking me my current condition and how am I doing with my life and all related stuffs. But what makes it different from the rest is the question that really caught my attention - "Have you met your dreams?". Well it`s really not just the usual thing I have been asked before... But maybe it`s because no one had asked me or should I say nobody had tried to ask me that question after I had done the biggest failure in my life. And honestly, after reading it, I have even asked myself "Have I really met my dreams?"

Accordingly, dreams are conditions or achievements which are longed for... are aspirations... are wild fancies... are hopes... And in my own perception, dreams are things that I consider as standard that I need to set, define and fulfill in order for me to better my life. Dreams are essential in everyone`s life. They serve so many purpose but mainly they are subject for nurturing and bettering one`s life and making it worth living for.

Each one of us has dreams. If there`s such one who never dream, then perhaps he/she`s not living at all. Who never dream anyway? Nobody right? Fact is, it`s just part of being human... of being normal beings... And hope you`ll agree with me when I say that each of us do have our very own and unique dreams in life...

So now the question is "Have I met my dreams?". To start with, I would like to emphasize that my dreams are not just merely for myself alone [please don`t raise your eyebrows because I`m just being real], but for my family as well. I still remember when I was just a kid I dreamt to be a successful and famous doctor and that`s because I want to help my family and I want to be the one who shall take good care of them when they`re sick... but that dream will only be just a dream afterall, because one day in my life I`ve just realized that I am not good with things related to medicine at all. And so my dream shifted... From being a successful doctor to being famous achiever... from famous achiever to better person... And to cut it short, right now I just dreamt of being as successful as I can be.

I may have been so damn stupid before for making so many damn stupid mistakes, but I`ve already learned and I know I deserve a second chance. And I`m so thankful to God, to my family, and to all those people who have supported me for they have not left me, and they have continued to inspire me to continue dreaming. Perhaps I could say that I have already met some of my dreams but not the one that I consider ultimate. But I know and I believe that for as long as I am living... for as long as I have still the courage... for as long as I am not giving up my faith... for as long as I will not stop believing in myself... and for as long as I have God, my family and friends, I know I`m going to make it. I`m going to meet my dreams. I know I`m not going to fail this time `coz I am a better person now. Still I know that it`s a long long way road, but then again, I`m not giving up. And I promise, I`m not going to make the same mistake again. Again, I have learned and I am a better person now.