Monday, September 1, 2008

It`s Good to be the Real YOU.

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INTEGRITY. HONESTY. Let`s talk about being truthful, telling like it is.

If you got this for into the year and realized that all of those resolutions you made have not been kept or maybe even started on, then perhaps it`s time to look into another direction. Realizing the importance of painting your own picture of the world is only half the battle. Painting a true picture of yourself is the most difficult.

Freedom of Expression is one of the few values we have, yet too few of us hold it dear. To express yourself is to make your own particular mark on the world: a mark like no other. And in the world where appearance is everything, to go against the flow - to push against the boundaries and create a look that is unique to you - is truly a brave and powerful thing. It`s not about a new face in town, but about who the real person is.

In my life, I always wanted to concentrate on a type of style that is so simple, so adaptable. That it would almost be called Basic. In my eyes and in my own opinion, that`s what BEAUTY and being TRUE is all about. I always wanted to show myself to everybody in a way that they would be able to remember me anywhere, anytime... for years to come.

The pictures I have created in myself may inspire you. Or they may not. You may like to focus on the spirit of what the images I portray represent. Or you may just focus on a single item. And at the end of the day, whatever you like and whatever you don`t like in me are the things that makes me the real ME. I can only show you what I really am. It may not be conventional, but atleast I`m striving to do my own thing and the things that I really want to do. So what about those of you trying hard copycats? Gotta be yourself guys. For once... even just for once, be true to yourself.