Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eat All You... Can`t?

Just wanna share one of my most unforgettable experiences this year. Whatchutink mommy burns?

Almost two weeks ago, I and 10 of my officemates headed by Mommy Burns planned for a certain get-together weekend party for the purpose of strengthening our bond and sort of a team-building for us. Of course, the plan is set after our payday on the 20th of September - which just happen to be yesterday.

Originally, the plan was to eat dinner at a certain restaurant here in Cebu City which offers seafood meals for a cheaper price, then bar-hopping, videoke, and drink drink drink... but due to some important reasons and important appointments, we just then decided to do the first one which is to eat dinner together.

Everybody agreed to have dinner at TONG`S, a certain 'eat all you can' Filipino restaurant located at Cebu City [just near PASEO] because accordingly, they offer seafood meals plus the price is right. For only P170.00, you can already eat all you can eat... much cheaper than what I thought of. And the set time was 7:00 PM sharp!

I`ve always liked seafood meals since I`ve grown up in Zamboanga City where seafood is in abundance. And I never had bad things to say about any 'eat all you can' restaurants until recently during our get together dinner party. I can`t speak for my officemates who were in my group, but surely I`ll speak based on what I have experienced.

The idea of eating at a certain 'eat all you can' restaurant for me was very good. Of course it`s a fact that `twas not my first time eating in such kind of restaurant since there are plenty of those in Zamboanga City. But never did I realize that my thought about 'eat all you can' restaurant was perfectly wrong. Especially if you`ll be asked or worst, be forced to eat those foods you can`t already consume...

`twas 7:06 PM when I, Carol, and Mommy Burns arrived at TONG`s 'eat all you can' restaurant. We were surprised to see our other officemates to have been there on time plus the fact that almost everybody was there except for AJ who accordingly can`t really make it since she had a more important thing to do [more important than us, AJ?]. And I was even surprised when I`ve noticed that Bubbles was too quiet that night [not the usual Bubbles I`ve known for a year who`s talkative and noisy] only to realize the very fact that she`s already drunk. Haha, now that gave me the idea how to zipped her big mouth. Please remind me to bring tequila at work, later [LOL]...

Since we`re too starved already and since my stomach is so empty [again, lemme remind you that I only eat once a day - too desperate to lose weight], we then rushed through the buffet table and look for what`s in store for us. Hmmm, it wasn`t all seafood meals after all not like what Kouka and Dit had told me. Anyway, it`s good to know that there were three dishes I can eat: Baked 'talaba', a certain shrimp dish, and a certain chicken dish... Look so yummy, and I can`t think of anything else but to put it inside my mouth.

To cut the story short, we then ate and ate until we got our stomachs full. And when almost everybody was full, Sandra then decided to ask for the bill... only to be surprised with what the waiter replied. We were asked to finish everything that was on our plates especially the rice. God knows how full our stomachs were that time and to take another spoon of rice would surely make it burst. But accordingly, we have no option but to do it since it`s one of the restaurant policy. Oh *uck! Then they should have told us about their policy right from the very start so we wouldn`t end up that as if they`re forcing us to eat what we can`t already take... It seems like a punishment to me!

I know and it`s a very fact that it`s obviously our own fault. Why in the first place we`d put too much into our plate if we couldn`t even take it all? But fellows gimme a break! Customer satisfaction and customer`s good should always be your first priority. Why would you demand your customers to still eat those left food on their plates when it`s obvious that they stopped because they couldn`t take it anymore? Would you rather let your customers suffer, than to just let it pass and give them some knowledge about your restaurant policy? God knows `twas our first time to eat at your place or should I say, your restaurant... and we`re so offended. Honestly I am suppose to say that your restaurant was good since you offer good delicacies plus the fact that I considered all the dishes I`ve eaten in your place yummy, but because you`ve let me eat all I can`t already take then I decided not give you good reviews! Next time, please let us know your policy before letting us eat what we can`t already eat. Intiendes?

And hey! Lemme tell you this... I know and I am very much aware of the fact that there are many people around the world who are starving for food. And I am not wasting either. I`m even one of the many advocates for humanity who asks for people to stop wasting foods, and stop wasting all the resources we have.

Just a bite of INFO...

For those who may not know it, 'EAT ALL YOU CAN' restaurants are for people whose hunger was often bigger than their budget. The deal with restaurants who offer such dining is an unlimited amount of food usually arranged as a self-service buffet with a fixed price which is suppose to be lower than you can imagine.

This type of restaurant dining had mushroomed in different areas here in the Philippines, most particularly here in Cebu City for obvious reasons.


Anonymous said...

Hi! this is an interesting story indeed. funny how eat-all-you-can turns out to be eat-all-you-cant.

atenean101 said...

Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it a lot. This is really one of my unforgettable experiences ever. Haha.

burns said...

hey, there...i couldn't have said it!more food!hehehe!i gotta say, you were indeed disappointed and so were we, but then again we also laughed so much, the dinner was a success, right? still, drawing is drawing and AJ was drawing...haha!ok, enough already, i'm afraid your readers would think i am a little nutty!

atenean101 said...

Haha! Very well said ate burns. Thanks for droppin by, and thanks for keepin ur promise! Haha, Did I really oblige you for this comment? haha. I hope not coz it would surely be a big shame if I did. wahaha.. Thanks again.
See ya later!

Exceptional said...

interesting story. but is dis 4 real? is der such resto mngt?

atenean101 said...

Well, this happens to be very true! Ask mommy burns about it. She`ll tell you more.. haha.