Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yahooo! BLUE Wins Game 1...

Weeee, despite of all the dramas and unnecessary things that had happened to me this week I`m still glad that there is a good news!

Though I wasn`t able to watch the tube yesterday because of several reasons, but mainly because I had an appointment with my officemates, still I`m very glad to have heard the good news.

Ateneo Blue Eagles takes the Game 1 from La Salle Green Archers yesterday, September 21, 2006, by 69-61. Wow, they just made me more proud to be atenean. Hehe. Thanks to Rabeh Al-Hussaini for scoring 31 points in the game and to all those who played and contributed scores, thus making Ateneo emerged victorious for the very first game of the UAAP Finals Season 71.

[image taken here.]
Too bad, that my idol Chris Tiu had had early foul troubles which just made him to score only 2 points at the end of the game. But I know and I believe you did your best! I`m still proud of you. Hehe.

Watch out for the game 2 of the Best-of-3 game series this coming Thursday at the Big Dome, September 25, 2008. And watch how we`re going to get the title once again!

Fellow ateneans, more more more Cheer please. Raise your Blue flags and shout... GO BLUE EAGLES! Fight, Fight, Fight!

For more UAAP Finals update, you can visit this two sites which happens to be my two favorite sports blogs and UAAP game sources [aside from the TV of course]... Kudos!


Chris Tiu said...

Thanks for your continued support. Animo Agila!

atenean101 said...

Haha, well there`s really no need to thank be. Been an avid fan of Blue Eagles UAAP Basketball Team eversince I`ve become an atenean. Hehe. I`ll always remain loyal to Ateneo! Hehe.

Exceptional said...

Go Ateneo! Proud to be Blue Eagle!

atenean101 said...

Hi Exceptional! Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment for this post. I really appreciate your comments. You`ve been leaving comments with several posts here and it`s really good to know that. Hope you`ll continue to visit my page. Take good care!

Anonymous said...

They won! Weeeee We're the Champion!

atenean101 said...

Yes they did! Haha. Just read the news while I`m at work, but wasn`t able to post the news immediately since we`re not allowed to do such thing. Haha.