Friday, September 26, 2008

Lazy Strikes Once Again... with Tardy!

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While currently in the midst of working on changing my bad habits for good, unexpected and unnecessary things continue to happen. But hey, it`s not what you`re thinking... I mean, the 'bad habits' that I am referring to is not the same as the usual 'bad habits' that what most people usually think of.

... And just when I thought everything is fine and that I am ready to face a new day with a new me, when suddenly another unforeseen event happened... suddenly from behind Lazy hits me once again! *uck! Pathetic and insensitive as she has always been, she`s really getting into my nerves this past few days. I really cursed the day we met! And how I wish I had never met her at all.

But Oops! Something seems so different... it`s not just the usual feminine touch of Lazy... there`s something else. Something seems to tell me that it`s really not just her at all. But who else in this heck world of mine would do that to me aside from her? Yes, it really seems so different but I wonder who would do that to me other than Lazy? Who else?

Sh*t! Now I remember. `twas not just Lazy herself after all. Lazy has a twin brother... and they`re identical! He`s name is Tardy!

As far as I could remember, `twas the same instance as Lazy when I met Tardy. No proper introduction. Nobody even introduce us to each other. They just came in, and then one day I just realized they`re already a part of me. I even thought before that they`re just a dream which turns to be a nightmare, but hey they`re for real! And I even thought before that Tardy`s better than his twin. But I was perfectly wrong. I`ve realized that he`s really not! He seems to work hand in hand with his twin. And rare are the times when they`re not together and/or working things out together... I mean, whenever Lazy hits you then you have to expect that Tardy will come next. What I just don`t understand, is why they keep on doing things just to pull me down... I never remember any instance that I`ve done them wrong.

Just like his twin, Tardy used to ruin my day. He too comes in even if I didn`t invite him and even if it`s a fact that I don`t need him at all. Maybe they`re just trying to play and fool around with me... Worst they don`t know what proper timing is or perhaps they just really don`t recognize the phrase 'proper timing' at all... or maybe 'proper timing' for them is synonymous to 'bad timing'.

Oh how I hate them. I hate Lazy! I hate Tardy. I hate them both! But why is it hard for me to avoid and ignore them? Why are they always there even if I don`t need them at all?

Now I am thinking... who came first? Was it Lazy or was it Tardy? I bet your guess is as good as mine!

And Hey! Watch your back! You might be their next playmate!