Friday, September 12, 2008

Just A Thought...

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♂ I always really feel like I`m missing a lot if I don`t watch the tube, browse the net or just do something else when I get home from work. Sometimes, or should I say most of the time [LOL], I would end up staying up late doing something that really makes no sense at all. And then when I wake up the next day, I just realize I`m about to be late at work... and I feel tired and totally not rejuvenated. Worst, it ends me up going to the office feeling sluggish, while everyone else seems so geared up for work.

So now I am thinking... Why not just let myself sleep early and get enough rest so I can face the day with energy and strength? Why not give myself more time and attention instead of just browsing the net and wasting time doing nonsense?

Hmmm... Lemme think about it okay? But for the meantime, lemme just see what I can see... lemme just think what I can think of... and lemme just do what I can do.

--- atenean101