Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lazy Strikes Again!

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Lazy and I aren`t friends at all. She`s so disgusting. She`s too pathetic! I dislike her and never will there come a time for me to like her in my entire life. But what can I do? She keeps on haunting me and unfortunately she`s already a part of me... a part of my life.

She`s the worsiest friend anyone could ever have. And I assure you, she`ll never do any good at all. She`s rather a stalker than a buddy. And an enemy rather than a friend. But even if you don`t want her into your life and even if how much effort you do to avoid her, she`ll surely keep her eyes on you and worst, she`ll surely make it a point that you`ll be able to meet. She`s just always there. She always keeps on watching your moves even if how busy she is, waiting for the right time to strike whenever or wherever you are.

I never ask for her company and never will I want her company, but I`m not certain why she`s always there for me. She`s never invited! She always put me into big troubles rather than giving me a helping hand... and never in my entire life that she didn`t do anything but trouble. She`s a pain in the *ss!

Just last night, Lazy strikes again! Worst, it was during my working hours. As as result, I went to work very late and I slept during calling hours. I`m just too fortunate enough to have a very understanding supervisor `coz if I don`t I would surely be kicked now from the company I`m working because of her.

Oh how I really hate you Lazy! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I know you`re listening and watching me right now, so I want to tell you this... please do me a favor... PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!


Exceptional said...

lol. it was fun reading this one. Just kick Lazy out of your system! Hahaha.

atenean101 said...

How I wish I really could! Why not read the second part of this post which I have just written earlier entitled "Lazy Strikes Once Again... with Tardy" haha. This would surely be funny too!