Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank God It`s PAYDAY!

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There are two days in a month that I usually look forward to, and it`s every 5th and 20th. Why? Well it just happen to be our payday! Not the usual 15th and 30th should I say, but it`s far more better... I mean, there is really no need for you to rush through automated teller machines and wait in line for hours just to get your pay, since there are less transactions done every 5th and 20th than the usual 15th and 30th, right?

Anyway, after getting our pay today, some of my officemates and I decided to go for shopping. We actually planned about it for about a month already and I am just glad that we`re able to make it happen. It`s not really the usual shopping where people normally go to malls and look for better wears. I considered ours to be simply different.

We went through a certain thrift store or a surplus store, whatever you call it [we normally call it "ukay-ukay" here in the Philippines] located at Mactan-Cebu, and then we managed to look for wears which are cheaper yet seem to look elegant and expensive. Who cares if it was already used or somebody might have wore it already for several times, what matters for us is the quality of those wears and the lesser amount of money it will cost us.

At the end, I managed to buy a shirt for P80.00, a short for P50.00 and a jacket for P95.00, for a total of P225.00 only! Wow! I was able to saved more. It`s my best buy ever! Haha. See the pictures below, and you`ll be the judge!

Jacket P95.00 Only

Short P50.00 Only

Shirt P80.00 Only