Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Featured Music Video: "BABAE AKO" [URDUJA Theme] performed by REGINE VELASQUEZ

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[video is taken from YouTube.]

A question from an office buddy earlier resulted me of creating this kind of post. Just realized, why not let my viewers and readers know exactly what type or kind of music [music video] that interests me. Perhaps, it may help them learn and understand the kind of person I am.

So I decided to come up with "My Featured Music Videos". This shall be a series of post which will document all my favorite musics [music videos] and also the artists behind every videos I`ll be featuring.

Since this will be my very first post of this kind, I decided to feature my all time favorite Filipino singer who has in one way or another inspired me in different aspects of my life and she would be no other than Ms. Regine Velasquez better known as "Asia`s Songbird". Her story is something that one person should learn and set as an example...

Anyway, my featured music video for today is entitled "BABAE AKO" performed by Regine Velasquez. This is actually the theme song for the first ever all-Filipino full-length animated movie about a princess from Philippine folklore entitled "URDUJA". I consider this music video as one of Regine`s greatest music videos so far... and hope she`ll come up with another one great video again.

Hope you`ll enjoy watching... You`ll be the judge!

`Til my next featured music video. Enjoy!